What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School?

 This is a story based on business growth, like how you can grow your business and the human aspects of running a business. The author of this book is Mark McCormack, who is the first person who started a brand new industry of sports management agency in 1960. This person has experienced many things and strategies while growing its business, so he wants to tell in his book that how you can manage the business and make progress in the effective. He is the founder of the International Management System (IMS). He observed that your school or college didn’t teach you everything about the business, some important things you should need to experience with the passage of time.

Let’s talk about the book story “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School?” Mark McCormack get an idea to write the book is from the big businesses Pepsi Cola and Burger King. He inspires from their story and writes his own experiences in the way of the story. For your ease, we are dividing this story into three parts are as follow:

  • People
  • Sales & Negotiations
  • Running a Business

In these three parts, you can get to know that your business has become successful from start to end.

Part 1 - People

In this section, you would be able know that how to deal with people. It is a psychological phenomenon to observe people’s behavior. If you can observe human behavior and understand it, so you have the key to success in someone’s mind as well as in any business. He wrote in his book that any most prominent institute where you are from getting your degree doesn’t teach you how to manage people and understand. You will get these things through experience. There is a big difference between the reality and the stories of books and education.  In this portion, Mark McCormack told you that do the work through effective and smart working, think with your common sense that how soon this task will be done. 

He also emphasizes the importance of listening. In this way, he told his readers that becoming a good listener, listening will not only help you in the business but also in your everyday life. In this portion of the story, you will also get to know that how you can run a business and make it successful as soon as you can. This highlighted point in this part is listening, listening to others will never disgrace you in any life situation. 

Part 2 – Sales & Negotiations   

In any business, sales are the core of it. Your business progress always depends upon your sales. In this portion, there are some psychological factors that depend upon your sales and business. As you know, sales depend on the customer. So there are the strategies of engaging customers to your products, these depend upon the following factors:

  • Timing
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Make anyone effective in skills & market

According to these factors, if you engage and win the customer’s trust, you need to understand the importance of timing, i.e., where to speak is beneficial and where you should stay quiet. In the business, timing deeply matters, you cannot find anything before and after time because everything takes time. Mark McCormack also says in his story that your rejection will be act as a motivational factor for you. Because of rejection, the salesman can work effectively for the next time if he feels it. So your rejection also motivates you if you see it through the positive sense. Be patience in every situation of life and try to make more people effective in skills and markets so you can grow with more strength and speed. 

Part 3 – Running a Business

The main thing is to run a business in a way that you can grow and get success in life. In this portion, Mark McCormack talked about how to run a business. In this section of the book, you will get to know from point to the point that how to run a company effectively discussed are as follows:

  • How to run a company?
  • What is the importance of the company?
  • How to operate a business?
  • Whom should you hire for your company?
  • How much do you need to pay your employee according to their skills?
  • Why do you make a company?

In the ending part of the book, you can have an opportunity to understand the business deeply and effectively, which will help you in making and developing your own company to become successful. In the company, sometimes you need to discuss the weaknesses of your product as well. Every product has weaknesses and strengths. Always try to provide your product with more strength. In this way, the quality of the product is necessarily matters. Mark McCormack says that the recipe for every problem in the company is the quality of the product.


Business schools cannot teach you about succeeding in real life. You can study these things through your self-experience and discipline.  Your personal experience can help you more than your documents. Not go to somewhere just to done your work but also to observe in an effective way. Start observing the people around you and understand them. Get an idea from them of how you can grow yourself or your business.